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Today I read as no doubt some of you did that the Reach media group are to make 450 people redundant nationwide. Having made further enquiries outside the city it appears that the hull daily mail has suffered from this action with a decision made to cease reporting on hull FC and KR’s from the end of the year and to in effect stop reporting club specific Rugby League with no coverage in the paper or on line from the start of next year. .

In a sport that is desperate to increase its media exposure and widen its supporter base this is a real blow to the game in general and to us in Hull in particular, we complain about it of course we do but for me in general the reporting has always given an insight that no one else can give us.

wondering if it was true I spoke to Dan Tomlinson today and he admitted that this is in fact what is happening from the start of 2024. I hope that both clubs will lobby the Reach Group about the decreasing amount of exposure and whilst there is always Gwilym and the club site it appears that the only real challenging media medium we have in times of strife is to disappear.

I have been an avid reader of the publication and particularly the now lost green sports mail since about the age of 10, Dick Tingle and Co have always served us well over the years and I remember what an important part it took siding with the fans during the torrid boardroom strife of the mid 70's and the latter days of the David Lloyd era.

This is an example of why the fans need strong representation and I hope that the Clubs, FC Voices and the Vice Presidents will at least challenge this action on our behalf, but I fear there is little we can do as big media organisations rarely bow to public opinion and the dye is now cast.

However if anyone has any ideas about what we could do to support Dan (who I believe has done an excellent job and could in my opinion be one of the casualties, despite the fact as I was told last week, the volume of hits have increased significantly since he took over) and even more importantly protect the main independent source of information rumour etc that we have please suggest it.

personally it is a very sad day for me, it will be a big loss and what's more the only real source of the advanced 'heads up' on signings and sometimes news that the club would prefer us not to hear, (but news all the same that as stakeholders we have a right to know), is to stop.
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Gutted to hear that. Hope Dan hasn't lost his job. He seems a good bloke, always approachable.

I subscribe to John Davidsons patreon, wonder if he could set something similar up? Bring back the UTC podcast too.
It’s a sad and sorry state and disappointing to hear the likes of the rugby will no longer be reported particularly in a City with 2 SL teams.
Think the decision reflects the poor management of the Reach Group in general when you look at the number of poor articles in the HDM.
Just another example like the BBC were they think you can serve local communities on a national basis.
Sad times for all.
Its a real shame but publishers like Reach are just abject, rehashing information from social media or somewhere else as clickbait. I don't mind consuming ads for properly researched or sourced stories and I think there is a need for it. At the moment I rely on twitter and the clubs own sources.
Joe Appleyard has confirmed he's lost his job. It's absolute bollox that a local paper won't be covering 2 top flight sports teams.

Hope both Dan and Joe manage to get something sorted
Sincerely hope that both clubs can come together and provide a solution, Dan and Joe's work are a significant aspect of following the game for both sides of the river, particularly in Dan's case who has proved to be a link between the club and its fans.
Awful news for the city and both reporters, especially as rugby is well supported in the city, could the club employ Dan as an independent reporter possibly? pass on match reports etc to the press
Gutted for both Dan and Joe and hope they can both find employment elsewhere.

Be good if Dan can bring Up the cream podcast and fanzine back.
let them axe tedious football instead.
gutted,i realy am.i look forward to reading the rugby on hull live up here in edinburgh.

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