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Re: Dixon Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:51 am  

Honkytonk wrote:
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Cheeky half-back

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Im not sure why anyone expected anything different tbh. DW has said we will not be signing anyone till we know where we are playing, plus he confirmed he has been trying to sign up the OOC players. Not sure why the big fuss from the club, why wait till late last night?? its not exactly ground breaking news, just tells us. Notice there is still no news on Dixon either, trying to bury bad news??

As for SL, it would be a total disaster for us as it stands. We would get bettered out of sight with the squad we have, unless we are going to make 8/9/10 SUPER LEAGUE QUALITY signings I could not see us picking up a point tbh. No exaggeration, that is how weak the squad is. Likewise if we stay in the Champ, unless we can sign 7/8 decent players we are going to struggle badly. Relegation fight is on the cards. If we have 23/24 signed up, we can pretty much name who they are, there is no way I can see us signing another 8 or so and having a squad of 31/32. I could be wrong but I just dont see it.

Which ever League we are in, Im expecting us to be lacking enough depth or quality to give it a real go.
Re: Dixon Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:08 pm  

itsmeagain wrote:
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Whatever we think of Neil Reynolds at least he kept us informed

what does that mean
Re: Dixon Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:43 am  

BroncoBen wrote:
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itsmeagain wrote:
Whatever we think of Neil Reynolds at least he kept us informed

what does that mean

It means not everyone has always been a fan but he has kept the fans informed on what’s going on at the club.

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