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Re: Catalans Home : Sat Feb 24, 2024 5:05 pm  
Nice that Tony Rea & Steve Magee were there handing out player shirts,
Re: Catalans Home : Sat Feb 24, 2024 11:22 pm  
Victor wrote:
I have to say that despite all the rain that we have had over the last few weeks, the torrential downpour that we had in the few hours before the match. The pitch stood up well.

Pitch wasn’t a problem, but like last season we were poor in wet conditions
Re: Catalans Home : Sat Feb 24, 2024 11:47 pm  
Last season we were making (many) mistakes in wet conditions. Did we make (any) mistakes on Friday that appeared weather condition related?

I thought we played okay, in fact better than that. Just appeared we were totally out classed. Came into yesterday's game concerned if we;d win a single league game this year. Now also concerned how many games we will be totally shut out on.

Thought some of our quick passing along the line in the first half was excellent and reminiscent of how Eccles turned the team around last year (prior to Warne and Norman?), The difference this year was the Catalans recovery defence meant those moves were ultimately snuffed out.

And I still can't get this. The kicks from Catalans put us under immense pressure and were a far better tactic for the Catalans than running on the sixth tackle. In contrast our kicks were caught unpressured. Looked to me in the second half that was tactical. We didn't pressure the receiver and instead positioned ourselves for the first tackle. I guess that was because the Catalans ascendancy allowed them to commit players to the ball, whereas the risk for us was leaving gaping holes if we over committed.
Re: Catalans Home : Sun Feb 25, 2024 12:02 am  
I believe we played three foreign players short on Friday. Two injured and one yet to be signed. Not sure how long we can do that considering our playing strength. Thought I heard that the Catalans signed three new players direct from the NRL. All three played on Friday night, but assume we fielded those three and the Catalans didn't, would the Catalans dominance have been far less?
Re: Catalans Home : Sun Feb 25, 2024 2:50 pm  
Deadcowboys1 wrote:
Nice that Tony Rea & Steve Magee were there handing out player shirts,

Pity they didn’t hand out mine!
Re: Catalans Home : Sun Feb 25, 2024 3:04 pm  
BigTime wrote:
Pity they didn’t hand out mine!

Think yours had been given to Jacob Jones cos they'd run out.

The handing out of shirts of course is quite American. I quite like the idea but do it before the first game of the season & not after they had already worn it.

Maybe they could persuade Tony to put his boots back on as we're short of a hooker or perhaps try for Stormy Daniels.

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