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Re: Toby King : Sat Jun 25, 2022 10:02 am  
Pie_Eyter wrote:
They have signed Jake Bibby on a good contract for next season. They already have Luetele, Cudjoe and Wardle so i would assume Bibby has gone either to play wing or is going to be phasing Cudjoe out. Watson has fallen out with Wardle apparently with him coming here (Wigan allegedly) next season and now won't pick him even though he is an England starting centre so there is definitely something afoot whether that be Wigan or Wire. Only time will tell but i'd say the likelyhood they have signed King is slim to none.

Have you got tonight's lottery numbers?
Re: Toby King : Sat Jun 25, 2022 10:04 am  
Done deal
Re: Toby King : Sat Jun 25, 2022 10:07 am  
easyWire wrote:
I just can’t see Wardle coming here.
King is on a big contact, and I really can’t see Huddersfield paying him that sort of money which could be used to keep Wardle. I would say this is all just silly rumours because King was dropped for one game.

I have no doubts King can come good if he’s prepared to work with Powell, but like all players he needs to accept that he’s been out of form and Powell is trying to plug the leaks in that left side.

I guess we’ll see what happens, but I call BS on this one.

Well, I got that one wrong... :lol:

I don't get it. Wardle is highly rated and I'm surprised Watson would let him go at this stage of the season. Powell's comments sort of lead into a 'we are building for next season' which surprises me as I thought he'd be Wigan-bound. Maybe I'm over-analysing the story. I'm interested to see what Wardle can do for our left edge though.

I feel a bit miffed about King. He was progressing really well right up until the new contract was signed, then his dream team form just fell off a cliff.
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Me too! Wow. I rate Wardle though so we have a good centre coming in.

Dissapoined with King going but until the story unfolds a bit I don't know whether I'm dissapoined with Powell, the club or King himself. If the tale about the services is true then I'm leaning towards King himself at the minute.
Strange. What's the end result here? Both turning into permanent deals?
Bit mixed over this, granted we need a body in but surely the opportunity should have been to give wrench an extended run at centre
Jack Napier wrote:
Strange. What's the end result here? Both turning into permanent deals?

You would hope so, but why only a loan deal? Maybe Wardle is already signed up by Wigan.
I can't wait for the release of Cooper, Charnley & Kings hardback "Powell: Why he's a W*nker" with foreword by Steve Price.
King has been very average for a while and if you don’t want to dig in and support the coach then get rid

I like the clear out more and more and although the season is a total write off we are looking a lot stronger for next year

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