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Re: Some news would be nice : Sat Oct 22, 2022 6:59 am  
Big shoes to fill in Scott Grix who has done a noticeable tremendous job with the fitness levels of the squad , Simon will have to find someone he trusts to fill this position. Regarding the rumoured recruitment so far here’s my 2 peneth , are the players potentially coming in better than the ones going out ( so king , doro , Maher vs barber , gwaze , Morris) I think it’s close tbh barber probably had his best season yet and was instrumental in some breaks , offloads and tries comparable to king who scored 14 tries and multiple assists in a weaker side ( king seems a more destructive forward but from what I’ve seen his work rate needs improvement) Then doro vs gwaze who are very closely matched infact I’ve rewatched the fax vs Widnes games and it’s a good battle between them too , no doubt doro has great potential but so does gwaze . Then Morris n Maher , Morris a great servant of the club with a great offload and difficult to put down , struggled a little with fitness. Maher has played 3 seasons at superleague , 100 % commitment brings great culture but probably lacking a bit of punch for a man his size and low leg speed however dominates the ruck most of the time by landing on his front for quick ptb . Appreciate Knowles has left but only played a few minutes and impossible to judge . Overall I’m pleased with the ones mentioned however I still feel we need a plan b forward especially for the early part of the season when the ground is slow , a Lewis bienek type forward who admittedly does less minutes but is massively destructive, I think we need that balance in the interchange. Grixs’ philosophy of playing the long game is fine but you have to not to be too far behind ( like fev at home ) to make it work.

Watched some Tom inman highlights, tackles hard a bit like bourouh , not has dynamic as amir but better distribution and good left foot kicking game .

P.S Also hoping with the Warrington academy connection that Cole Oakley kicks on he’ll have some familiar faces with doro and inman and if he has a 2nd season like tibbs could play a bigger part .
Re: Some news would be nice : Sat Oct 22, 2022 10:41 am  
Happy with all the rumoured signings so far and think Will Maher would be a very good signing, the games I have watched him play for Hull KR I have been very impressed in how much he looks to have improved since he first played or usand would add a bit of size up front for us. One thing that stands out is that we do need a centre now so whoever we have lined up that is the signing that the club are managing to keep under wraps so Im assuming its going to be a big name for us.
Re: Some news would be nice : Sat Oct 22, 2022 4:10 pm  
It would be good to find out if some of the following players are staying for next season or not. larroyer, fairbank, gee, martin, oakley, out of them i would like to keep fairbank and gee the others could leave for me. I did give scott some stick about his playing performances when he came back to the club but the job he did as conditioner was very good and like as been said will take some bettering and will we finally get a replacement for liam finn i suppose only if simon can find the right person for the job. I have seen will maher doing some training at my local park if i see him again i will ask him if he as signed for us hopefully he as developed a more aggressive streak since his last spell with us if he hasn't i wouldn't want him back.
Re: Some news would be nice : Mon Oct 24, 2022 1:46 pm  
Well just connecting a few dots on recent events / posts.
Will Maher at the moment seems just a strong possibility and my thoughts are he was pretty good for us last time round when he was a young man and now a few years later he's a fully matured man with plenty of SL experience behind him so should be an overall better player for it.

Connected to him and in the same article of Matthew Shaw he says.
"If the deal is completed, Maher will join former Robins Matty Gee, Ben Kavanaugh, Joe Keyes, Dan Murray and Kevin Larroyer at The Shay".

Dan, Kav and JK we know to be staying so hopefully it means we have retained Matty Gee as well.

On Tom Inman, he looks a good player and to explain the extra incoming 9 it could mean either Kyle by agreement is moving on or possibly Brandon being played at loose forward more often?
Re: Some news would be nice : Tue Oct 25, 2022 1:48 pm  
Well that's cory aston leaving too we will need to find another halfback as well now. It looks like there could be more new signings then first thought for next season.
Re: Some news would be nice : Tue Oct 25, 2022 4:18 pm  
Surprised he has gone as Cory played well when he got the chance. But I’m sure he wants to go play more games. Best of luck to him but that raises the question who will come in to cover keys. Someone better or an upcoming layer
Re: Some news would be nice : Sun Oct 30, 2022 7:17 pm  
Tom Inman confirmed as our new signing
Re: Some news would be nice : Sun Oct 30, 2022 9:51 pm  
Really happy with the inman signing, from what I’ve seen looks to have great potential, like I said before similar characteristics to borough plus he knows a few lads so should settle in well . Grix seems to have the canny ability to spot talent , hopefully the Warrington academy lads can step up , Oakley , doro , inman, Grix always gives the young ones a chance ie tibbs , calcott etc . If doro and king are to follow I think another centre/wing player and another back rower. I’d also like to see an explosive loose forward maybe someone from the Polynesian countries .

Ps forgot we will also need cover for Keyes/jouffret.
Re: Some news would be nice : Mon Oct 31, 2022 4:23 pm  
I am also pleased with toms signing he looks a good all round talent and should do a good job for us in the short and long term.
Re: Some news would be nice : Mon Oct 31, 2022 6:00 pm  
Whilst Tim is a solid player, I don’t see him adding the class needed for a promotion push.

There is still a while until the season starts I would genuinely like to see our new Board commit to players who can get us out of the league, even if it upsets the Grix clique. There is still no evidence he can coach higher level players rather than develop young talent (which in itself is a real skill). Perhaps that’s why Harrison is there so when they sack Grix they have a “friend” to replace him

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