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Re: Railway strikes : Mon Aug 01, 2022 11:00 am  
wrencat1873 wrote:
Suppressed wages throughout the austerity years, coupled with raging inflation, there was always going to be some kind of reaction.
It's great keeping the lid on public spending and squeezing those workers, while many of the large companies make staggeringly huge profits, whilst taking huge handouts from government under the furlough scheme but, as you mentioned in your previous post, the scales have tipped far too much in favour of the employers and there needs to be some redress.
Maybe it's payback time ?

What I did find unsavoury, is the notion that anyone asking for a pay rise to match or beat inflation was some kind of traitor or pariah, trying to blame the working man for the utter mess that we are in. That is just wrong.

There has to be more balance - drip down obviously doesn't work - perhaps CEO's bonuses should include a clause about the lowest labour costs in relation to their pay?

My wife works for William Hill - they handed back all the furlough monies despite having their shops closed for months. Many large businesses did the same once the trading environment had been known.

What do we consider to be a reasonable return for a business to make - Centrica made 1.5bn which sounds like a lot but it was only 8.5% of revenue - that is not excessive. If you look at supermarkets Morrisons 2.5% on 17.6bn - not a great return wouldn't take much for that to be a loss - give all the staff £1k increase you would c40% of the profitability.

Lynch is clever he is hanging on no redundancies - easy get out for him, not realistic but it means the bits he doesn't want you to talk about don't get mentioned.

I would agree about the government they need to grow up take the debate out of the schoolyard

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